J. Marcelo Borromeo is a writer from the Philippines. He grew up in Cebu, and lived in Manila for several years after receiving his undergraduate degree in Humanities from the University of Asia and the Pacific. He worked as an online editor for Rogue Magazine and later on as an English instructor at his alma mater. In 2017, he moved to Norwich to pursue a graduate degree from the prestigious Creative Writing (Prose Fiction) program at the University of East Anglia, where he was also awarded the Seth Donaldson Memorial Bursary.

In his fiction, J. Marcelo Borromeo likes to write weird. Talking houses, ash-heap fathers, dreams of a past life—that's all in his wheelhouse. In non-fiction, Borromeo writes about movies and place. Since completing his studies at UEA, his writing has appeared in Joyland Magazine, ANCX, Underdog, Untitled: Voices, and Kill Your Darlings.

In 2021, he attended the Tin House Summer Workshop with Janice Lee. This year, he will attend the Sewanee Writers' Conference as a Tennessee Williams Scholar.

He currently lives in Cebu, where he is working on his first novel, entitled Residents.

J. Marcelo Borromeo